Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Amla is a fresh fruit which is regarded to be the fantastic resource of Complement C, calcium mineral supplement vitamin supplement, necessary protein groups, carbohydrate foods, phosphorous and many other aspects.

Amla is acidity in features, cools down the body, and act as a diuretic agent, aphrodisiac alternant pick-me-up and antipyretic.

The balance of the individual is handled by amla as it is just like the stage of three doshas of bile, atmosphere and Phlegm. It also allows in developing up the center and immune program, and reduces the diseases appropriate to eye, skin, hair and other program circumstances.

It contains nearly 30 times of Complement C as in assessment to lemon.

Benefits and Uses of Amla

  • To treat your eye circumstances clean your perspective with the water which has been chilled after concerning the amla powdered from it.
  • Apply amla pulp on head and clean your head after getting it used will help in supporting the losing feeling of your eyes.
  • To get a pleasure from the problems discomfort, one should implement a position designed with dry amla powdered, kumkum, neelkamal and rose-water.
  • An assortment of the fruit juice and sugar is recommended as a solution for burning in the vaginal canal. Juice of the debris along with sweetie and turmeric extract is a solution for gonorrhea
  • Apply the seeds burnt off, powder and mixed in oil for scabies or itchiness.
  • You can take 20 grms of clean amla juice along with 10 grms of honey and normal water twice a day and it will treat all your issues relevant to urinating.
  • Use fresh fruit juice or draw out the fresh fruit along with honey and pipli for hiccup and agonizing breathing.

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